Tesla Explorer

Get everything out of your Tesla

A Tesla Car is a Computer of wheels. It provides loads of data and information and can be controlled in many ways.

Tesla Explorer is the right Tool for you if you like to Explore your Car in-depth.

Explore your Tesla Model S, 3 or X.

The Tesla Explorer provides all information available from your Tesla. Even hidden information.

Everything which is controllable can be controlled. The App can not just honk the horn or flash the lights.


Generate Raw Reports while driving and analyze your data later using Excel or Numbers right on your device.

Or export your Data via Email or iCloud Drive.

Different Graphs helps to analyze the recorded data.

Here, you can see the Power graph which shows when power was consumed by accelerating and when power was generated by slowing down the car.

You can record and even playback recorded drives.

Playback can be paused or you can slide manually to a certain location of your drive.

The exact location will be displayed on the map.

Statistics or  figures like odometer, Speed, Power, Charging state etc. will be displayed below.


Different to other Apps, Tesla Explorer never stores sensitive information, not even in the secure Keychain. Instead, the App uses a technique, provided by Tesla which uses a highly secure Access token. This way, your credentials will never be needed again and thus, need not to be stored and can not be spoofed or hacked in any way.

Export features

Car information as well as recordings can be Exported via Email or iCloud Drive. This way it can easily be further analyzed on your desktop computer. However, it is also possible to export directly to Excel and Numbers running on the same device.

Modern user Interface

Modern, easy to use, straight-forward interface. The App runs on all iPhone Devices, including the iPhone 8plus and iPhone X as well as on all iPads.


Supports metric and imperial units. Different export format settings.

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