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High frequency toolbox for RF professionals, HAM radio amateurs, students, Microwave designers or electronic hobbyists.

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About RF-Toolbox

RF-Toolbox is based on my popular Electronic Toolbox app and contains some of the common tools from Electronic Toolbox but contains a wide range of additional tools, specialized for high frequency electronics, RF professionals, radio amateurs and students.


72 Tools with more than 100 Applications

There are currently 72 Tools included and maybe even more by the time you read this as this app is constantly updated.

RF-Toolbox and Electronic Toolbox are sharing some tools that are useful in “both worlds” of electronics. 75 % of the code of RF-Toolbox is different to Electronic Toolbox because of the additional RF related Tools. Some tools even have additional options.

RF related tools

RF-Toolbox contains mainly RF related tools such as filter calculations like in this example for a Sallen Key Band-Pass filter.

Filter diagram

You can also create diagrams like here for a passive Chebyshev filter.
types will be listed as well.


Another example is the Antenna calculator tool. In this case, a HB0CV Antenna will be calculated for the 2m amateur band.

Cable calculations

Here, different coax cables can be calculated.

Feature list

  • PCB Trace Width (Internal and external Traces)
  • PCB Trace Resistance
  • PCB Trace Impedance (various trace types e.g. Microstrip, embedded Microstrip, Symetric and Asymetric
  • Stripline, Wire Microchip, Wire Stripline, Edge Coupled Microstrip and Stripline)
  • PCB Crosstalk (Microstrip and Stripline)
  • LC L/T/Pi Match calculation
  • Coax Cable calculation (Standard and individual types)
  • Amplifier and Attenuator cascade calculation
  • SWR / Reflection / Return loss conversion
  • Power Divider (Branchline, Ratrace and Wilkinson)
  • Capacitor Plate calculation
  • RLC Parallel, Series and Circuit calculation
  • Noise Figure conversion
  • Skin Depth calculation (various materials from Aluminum to Silver)
  • Butterworth Filter (also with plot of filter chart)
  • Chebyshev Filter (also with plot of filter chart)
  • R-C, L-C, R-L High/Low/Band-Pass Filter
  • RF Units conversion (quick conversion of frequently used units)
  • Air coil inductance calculation
  • Resistors, Capacitors, Inductors in Parallel / Series
  • BJT Transistor circuit
  • Frequency Generator
  • Glossary
  • And there is much more