By Jan Roskosch

Now available on the iOS and macOS App Store

The ultimate utility App for every HAM-Radio Operator

HAM-Toolbox provides a variety of useful Tools to help you operating your HAM-Radio.

The Tools are ranging from activity monitoring Tools like DX-Cluster and PSK-Reporter, to Tools helping you with resource information like Bandplan, Glossar, AWG and many more Tools.

With a one-time purchase you gain access to all of the following Tools on your iPhone, iPad and Mac.



HAM-Toolbox comes with a fully featured Logbook.



Questions and answers:


I am already using and have paid for your App for my Mac. Do I have to pay again if I like to use your iOS Version on my iPad or iPhone?


First off thank you! As this App supports universal purchase, you can download it on any iPhone, iPad and Mac where your are logged in with your Apple ID.


I have purchased your iOS for my iPad. Now, I like to use the App on another iPad. Do I have to pay again?


Thank you! No, when you buy an app from the Apple App Store, you can use it on many devices without having to pay a second time. Please note that you have to use the same Apple ID on the App Store to download the app that you used to buy the app originally.


Where can I buy HAM-Toolbox?


The App is available on Apple’s App Store on your iPhone, iPad and Mac. You only need to buy this App once and it will be automatically available to you on all your Apple devices.


Where can I get support in case of issues?


For this, all of my Apps have a “Contact Developer” button in the “Information & Support” section of the Settings tab.


Is there a Manual for the App?