Marcus Roskosch

Marcus, passionate App developer since day 1

One day in 2007 changed my life: I got my first iPhone.

By that time, I assumed the position as global head of a multinational discount chain’s IT-department for more than fifteen years.

Before the iPhone, I had almost everything from Palm, Blackberry, several Windows-CE devices and even the Apple Newton. I usually didn’t use any of those devices for long due to their weakness and impractical usage – until I got my iPhone.


I was amazed by the power, elegance and usability of that new piece of hardware. However, it was pretty clear that the iPhone can handle way more than just the few included Apps were good for. So I started developing for it even though that was not permitted by Apple.

In July 2008 Apple introduced the App Store along with the introduction of iOS 2.

Late 2008 I had my first iOS Apps (iCluster and Electronic Toolbox) on the App Store and since then, I am doing nothing but App development.

I am back to my roots as in 1985 I already developed software – for Windows 1.0 by the way – which also changed the world by that time. Some of the software I developed even won prizes like the PC-Magazine “Best German Product” award in 1994.

By now, I have more than 50 Apps on Apples App Store, Microsofts Windows Store and Googles Play Store and the awards continue to come in.

In 2022, I discontinued Windows and Android development because it turned out, they are a niche market (compared to Apple). Also, the available development tools and environments are by far not as advanced as on the Apple platform so I decided from now on, to solely concentrate on Apple.

In 2010 an App I developed for NXP won the prestigious EMMAs award. Some of my Apps made it to the stage when Steve Jobs introduced the iPad in the same year. In 2013, my NetworkToolbox was awarded as Best of the Year 2013.

That’s only possible because I put all my passion and energy in my developments. My goal was and is always to let my Apps be the best of its kind.

I think the only way to achieve this is by listening to your heart and to listen to you, the user of my Apps.

So please feel free to let me know your questions, suggestions, ideas and even critical comments.

Thank you!

Marcus Roskosch