Electronic Project Editor

for Windows

Design your Electronic Circuits and maintain your Projects on Windows

Using Mouse and Keyboard for Circuit Design is often more convenient and more productive than using mobile Tablets.

This is, why I developed Electronic Project Editor for Windows. This new Windows Desktop App is fully compatible with Electronic Toolbox and RF-Toolbox for iOS.

The online Manual is available here

Maintain the whole project lifecycle

Like Project Editor on iOS, this App helps keeping everything together. Electronic Project Editor is not just another circuit drawing tool. Once a drawing has been created, components can be maintained by using Octopart to browse for the specifications, part numbers or datasheets. Those datasheets will then be part of the project along with other documents, Images, Website links and your notes.

Everything will be saved in a single file which is compatible with Electronic Toolbox and RF-Toolbox for iOS.

Easy wiring

The included Circuit Editor allows easy wiring either adding wires just like components, similar to the Circuit Editor on iOS.

But the App also includes a dedicated “Wiring mode” where you can use the advantages of using a Mouse where wires can just be “painted“. These wires will then be auto routed.

Also, a “keep connected” mode re-routes the wired when components are being moved.

Samacsys Browser fully integrated

Like on iOS, the integrated Samacsys Browser makes it easy to find the right component type, MPN and datasheets.

Using iCloud Drive

You can exchange Project files between platforms using E-Mail or other File Exchange solutions but the most convenient way is to use iCloud Drive which is available from Apple for Windows as well.

By using iCloud Drive you can create, edit and browse your Project files and share them with your iOS Devices if they would be stored on one and the same device.

You will find more information about this App in the online Manual here  but please contact me in case of further questions.