AOR Scanner for AOR AR-DV1

A great Scanner needs great Software

The new AR-DV1 is the first software defined receiver to receive and decode virtually all popular digital modes.

It’s frequency ranges from 100 kHz up to 1300 MHz and stunning specifications.


General features (to be expected from any Scanning Software)

In addition, the App has features that are unique and really needed

Comes with more than 15 pre-defined frequency lists

  • CB Channels
  • Aviation frequencies
  • Freenet, LPD, PMR, FRS
  • Ham Repeater
  • US Business channels
  • US Coastguard
  • US Railroad
  • Weather Services
  • Known Wireless Microphone frequencies
  • and more
These lists will be updated online. You can even maintain and import your own lists from RADIOREFERENCE.COM.

The Band Scope shows

  • Frequency at the bottom
  • Currently tuned frequency (yellow line)
  • Usage of a certain frequency range/band (red bars)
  • Channel or usage of a certain frequency (white lines at bottom
  • Signal Level (white bars at top)

Easy frequency Tuning

You can tune to the desired frequency in many different ways:

  • By using the Band Scope and moving the yellow frequency indicator
  • Double-clicking somewhere on the Band Scope
  • Using a graphical Tuning Wheel
  • Using the mouse scroll wheel
  • Direct Frequency entering
  • Keyboard up/down keys