AOR Scanner Download

This App used to be available on the Microsoft Windows Store for several years. Unfortunately, many people can’t or don’t want to use the Windows store for several reasons.

Now, this App (as well as Updates) are available via direct Download and no longer from the Windows Store.

For the direct download, I was also able lower the price for the App to EUR 49,00 because I no longer have to pay the Windows store commission fee to Microsoft.

If you like to download the App (or Updates, if you have previously paid for the App on the Windows Store), just fill out the form below and you will get payment and download instructions within 24 hours. Please double check if you have entered your Email address correctly.

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Please note: You can run the App on up to five different PCs and with up to 5 Scanners with one purchase.

Purchases are tied to the Scanner serial number which can be found by using the [F] key on your Scanner, followed by the [7] (Conf) key and scrolling down until you see the serial number. If you own more than one Scanner, just enter multiple Serial numbers in the Serial number field above.