Pay what you want!

I am a passionate developer but definitely a bad salesman.

I am often struggling deciding how much to take for a certain App or feature.

Now, I am trying something new: Pay what you want.

I have recently added the new FT8 feature to my SmartSDR for iOS App which took quite some development time (and additional gray hair) but it’s finally there.

To be honest, I can’t charge for that based on the time that I invested in this feature. Nobody would buy it and that would be a shame. So now you can decide on your own because it is available for free. If you don’t like or don’t use that feature at all, don’t worry.

If you like it and like to honor my development efforts, you can choose any amount and send it using the PayPal Donate button below or scanning the QR Code.

pixel Pay what you want!
QR-Code Pay what you want!

A big thank you in advance.

Best regards / vy 73,

Marcus, DL8MRE