SmartSDR V2.6.2 now available

Version 2.6.2 contains many changes and improvements:

Local Headset Monitoring

Normally the MON button only works remotely (on the Radio). Now, local Headset Microphone input can also be monitored. You can turn on and adjust the monitor Volume from the Settings screen.

DX Cluster filters

Filters have been improved. It is now possible to filter not only by Band and Mode but also by Comment, CQ-Zone, ITU-Zone, Call Prefix and Country.

The Mode filter now also supports FT8, JT65, JT9 and WSPR.

Spot Details on Panadapter

Now, you can double-tap on a Spot on the Panadapter to get Details about the Spot including QRZ/HamQTH lookup. Tapping once still adjusts the active Slice to the spot.

Support for additional languages

The following languages are now supported:

Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), French, German, Italian, Japanese, Netherlands, Spanish

The Language can be selected or changed from the Settings screen.

Please Note: If you are not happy with a translation, please switch back to English and contact me, using the Contact Button inside the App to help improving the translation.

Listen only mode added

This mode allows, for example, to use Speakers or Headphones in Stereo mode if they don’t support Stereo along with Microphone usage.

Band Zoom feature added

For this, two new buttons have been added under the left BT menu.

Possibility to use a hardware keyboard

If you have a hardware keyboard attached (Bluetooth or iPad Pro Keyboard) you can now use the following keys to control the Radio:

  • Space Key to toggle PTT
  • The , and . keys will change frequency
  • The number Buttons 1 ... 9 to activate Voice Macro

Several MIDI Controller fixes and improvements

The CMD-Micro and Hercules controllers are now working way better than before (TNX Doug!).

Ther is now also a new sensitivity setting has been added to reduce the Wheel sensitivity independent from the Step value.

Improvements for all Controllers

For all Controllers (MIDI such as the CMD-Micro and Hercules, Flic and PowerMate) the following mappings have been added and are available for key or knob assignment:

  • Split Toggle
  • Band Zoom
  • Zoom to 5 Khz, 10 Khz, 25 KHz and 50 Khz
  • Toggle WNB
  • Change NB Value
  • Change WNB Value
  • Select Global Profile 1 ... 5

Squeeze button to save space

Now, the Voice Macro button bar and the CWX Window can be squeezed or un-squeezed with a new squeeze button.

Transverter "LO Error" now in MHz not Hz

CW Straight Key and Paddle improvements

Now, keying is no longer interrupted when moving the finger.

The CWX screen can now be moved further down to cover the TabBar so they can’t be accidentally hit.

Fixes and improvements of the +/- Split function

The RX Slice remains Active slice after enabling Split mode.

The RX Slice becomes again TX Slice after disabling Split mode.

Some Slice Flag Changes

S-Meter is now Colored.

When transmitting, the S-Meter changes to Level meter on the TX Slice.