Electronic Apps

Some years ago, I was looking for an App which can be used for my Electronic developments to lookup component specifications and to do some calculations. Until then, I had to look up various and different individual websites or the Excel sheets I have been created over time. I thought that an App for that would be quite useful since it could even be used off-line and without a desktop computer. By that time, there was no such App available and I decided to build one by myself. It was 2009 when I introduced my first version of Electronic Toolbox. By that time, there were just a hand-full of tools integrated. Thanks to it’s popularity and thanks to so many users who send me their ideas and suggestions, Electronic Toolbox has been updated numerous times and now offers more than 60 individual tools and continues to grow.

In 2012 I introduced another App called RF-Toolbox. This App shares some of the Tools from Electronic Toolbox but includes tools specialized on high-frequency subjects such as Butterworth and Chebyshev Filters, Skin depth and PCB design subjects such as Microstrip Trace width, resistance, impedance or crosstalk calculations.

So if you are looking for a rather high frequency related App, just have a look here.

You can find more information about my Electronic Apps on electronic-toolbox.com.